⦁ Fair Play Corner is supposed to aim to inform and educate players, coaches, parents and other adults and children and youths about AIK’s values.

⦁ The activity is supposed to create a sports environment where kids and youths who participate in an event created by AIK can feel completely safe.

⦁ Players, coaches, and parents who during a football event arranged by AIK needs support, help, and guidance can easily come to Fair Play Cornet to get that

⦁ Fair Play Corner is supposed to be a place where people can meet and talk about youth’s sports activities and values.

⦁ Fair Play Corner is supposed to in an exemplary way, contribute to fair play and human equality.



⦁ Fair Play Corner is staffed by trained and experienced staff from AIK Fotboll.

⦁ Fair Play Corner is present at selected events arranged by AIK Fotboll.

⦁ Fair Play Corner should be a central place for fair play.

⦁ We lecture, educate and inform about fundamental issues when there is a Fair Play Corner is in place at one of our events.

⦁ At tournaments, players, leaders or supporters who received a ”Fair Play Card” can visit Fair Play Corner to get prizes and products. This we do to highlight the importance of ethics, morals and fair play.


• Fair Play Corner should be a role model for clubs, teams, parents, children and youths.

• Fair Play Corner should contribute to the development of Swedish youth football.